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Mr. Kiyosaki,

First, let me start off by saying thank you for taking the time and ambition to teach and show others the successes and failures you've made in becoming financially independent. Far too many times, people only want to talk about what positive things they've done, but as we all know, by making mistakes is where we gain our greatest knowledge. Through the principles you teach, and the CASHFLOW 101 game, it provides a solid foundation to learn the basics of becoming financially literate.

When I first started to read your Retire Young, Retire Rich book I did not think I could accomplish the goals you had laid out in the book. Back then, I was a relatively new officer on our police department, and was on the fast track to accomplishing my career goals. I was very Industrial Age minded. I was promoted to a specialty position; however, I soon realized that although I had worked hard, I was still at the mercy of my supervisor, who was squashing my ambition due to his own agenda. At that point, I realized that if I were going to be successful, I had to be my own boss.

My wife, Beverly, is a successful real estate agent in Northern Virginia and had a client who was an "investor". She primarily flipped houses for income, and did not believe in having rentals. Even though I now see her plan was flawed, she got me into the mind set of being my own boss and using real estate as the vehicle to get there. For Christmas, my wife gave me Why We Want You to Be Rich. I read that book and became more and more excited. I went back and reread Retire Young, Retire Rich as well as Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I started my own LLC and was ready to start into investing.

At this point, I had already been developing my team through contacts my wife had made, but the "investor" who supported me went into financial trouble because she was still trying to flip houses in a market where the bubble had burst. I soon discovered I needed a new coach to promote my investing, and decided to call for an interview with your coaching team.

During my weeks with my Coach, she showed me that I had a strong foundation and was already progressing well in some areas, but we also soon identified some areas that needed attention. I had a townhouse property that I had purchased prior to entering the coaching sessions, and soon discovered it was a "dog". Luckily, I was able to get a contract on it. Although the townhouse was a bad decision, it taught me a tremendous amount about financial literacy and tenant issues. I have passed the Virginia Real Estate exam, and will begin working part-time with my wife until my clientele increases. I anticipate moving from the "E" quadrant and into the "S" quadrant full time, all the while being in the "I" quadrant as full time as possible.

I have seen both my parents and in-laws suffer due to the mind set of Industrial-Age thinking. Both sets of parents, who are currently in their late 50's, want to retire but can't. By seeing the difficulties they are going through, I swore I would not be like them. Your coaching program has shown me the benefits of first having the self confidence and thinking to be successful, then learning the fundamentals of financial literacy which allows a true investor to know the difference between good numbers and bad numbers on a deal. Finally, my Coach showed me the proper way to go and "Do It". I looked forward to every week's call with my Coach and the knowledge she would pass along, as well as the discussions about the information I gained from the Resource Line. In the future, I would consider it a huge privilege if I would have the opportunity to meet you in person, and personally say thank you for teaching your principles and giving me the guidance in becoming the investor I am today.


— James H., VA, USA

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