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We want to thank you for all the books you produced, the games you created and the coaching programs you have launched in the interest of financial education for all people. Without people like you in the world nothing would change in a positive direction for the rest of us.

Because of your financial education we have learned so much and view life both personally and financially on a higher level. It is impossible for us to not share with others the knowledge we have gained through your coaching program. To give our children a smarter financial head start into their adult lives is truly a great gift. We now understand the importance of a mission statement, the purpose of a beginning, middle, and a end in business, and having the ability to read and understand a financial statement. Financial education empowers and motivates people to change their lives. It gives people hope for their future. To know that you can survive and thrive in economic lows takes the fear out of our life and gives us peace when everyone else around us is in a panic.

Your coaching program has been an awesome adventure for us, one that changed how we now see the world of finances. Thank you Robert and Kim.

— Marcia and Tony P., WA, USA

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