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Dear Robert,

We first discovered you and Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2001. You have really opened our circle of understanding, showing us a pathway to build wealth. Without realizing it, you expanded our context and motivated us to achieve this.

The problem we faced back then was exactly like the 'crab box' you explain, and we were pulled back into our old reality. For the next 7 years we made and lost money in investment property and the stock market. What we really missed was the support and guidance of your Rich Dad Coaching program.

The program has helped us tremendously. Doing this as a husband and wife team has brought us closer together, giving us a deeper understanding of each other and our personal goals and motivations. Now we are looking at the world from a completely different point of view, evaluating businesses that we see on the basis of the B-I Triangle and with systems thinking. We look at other people and consider whether they are applying a rich, poor, or safe and secure perspective to life. We also consider what we can learn from them and how they might form part of our team.

Perhaps the biggest "a-ha" has been understanding the notion of what you think is risky or smart determines your reality. This understanding has come at a crucial point in our lives when we could be locking ourselves into a lucrative employment position that would limit our ability to work our plan towards being rich and we would lose three years in the process.

As we return to listening to the CDs after we have heard them all, we now have a deep, almost profound, understanding of what you are saying, particularly in the "Think It" phase. This contrasts with when we first heard what you said on the CD, but without the real understanding. Our coach says this is because our context has expanded—and it definitely has.

Our coach has been extremely valuable in working through the various elements that has given us the confidence to work our plan and be able to take the necessary steps to move forward.

We are now ready to move from planning to action and implementation, and we are assembling a team to work with us on this journey.

We want to thank you for the effort you have put into this program and your books to achieve your mission, for you will leave a great legacy for generations to come by doing this.

Best Regards,

— Mike and Valerie C., Denmark

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