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Dear Kim & Robert,

I am at the end of my first part of my coaching session program now and am very happy with the progress I made from beginning to now. When signing up for this program, I stepped out of my comfort zone for the first time in a long time. I didn’t know if it was the right decision but I thought to myself that I didn’t have anything to lose at the time. I could only win: win the bonus of financial literacy. Win the experience of having a coach who holds you accountable to your plans on your actions. Win the ability to connect with likeminded people through the forum and share their stories. Win through actually doing what sounds so good in the books and in theory.

I don’t think that I would be where I am now without the coaching program. The regular coaching sessions really made me sit down and work on achieving my goals, taking actions on the path towards my dreams! I want to be financially free! This is my goal: free to visit my family whenever I want and for as long as I want. Free to get them to where I am and get us to spend more time together.

In the process of learning and through opening my mind and point of interest to a new field, I met different people who inspired me on my path. I am really grateful that I met these people and hope to be working together with them for a long time in the future!

I want to use my experiences as a positive and leading example for the people that I know and for those who I haven’t met yet. I want to show people that it is always worth to “get up” for one’s dreams! “If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life.” “If you always do what you have done, then you will always get what you got before.”

I am happy and glad I opened my mind to this program and made it become a very important part of my life!

I wish that everyone who has dreams gets the courage to step out of their comfort zone and takes action to make those dreams become reality!

Kind regards,

— Janina K., Queensland, AU

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