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I have struggled for years with money and not knowing what to do. Over time I’ve heard great things, e.g., pay your debt, get a job, don’t lose your job, and pay yourself first, all kinds of great stuff. Still I was left with how do I start and what do I do? I have gone through amazing programs with great teachers and am grateful for all of them, but my question was always, where do I start?  Honestly, when I signed up for your program I was a little concerned that again I was signing up for another program and not sure if this was going to turn out.

What I love about your coaching program is I finally got how to start and what to do.  I now have milestones and guidelines. My first goal is to pay down the debt, build up my reserves, save money for investing and build my monthly income by being the one to generate money.

Thank you for making this all possible!

— Melissa H., NY, USA

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