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Dear Robert Kiyosaki,

I would like to express my appreciation for all of the work you did to elevate my financial education.  With your books and Coaching program, I finally see my way to financial freedom.  Approaching my retirement, I’ve became aware of how little that I have prepared for it. It certainly caused a great deal of concern to me as I do not have much time left to work.  While searching for a solution to my financial situation, I found the “Rich Dad & Poor Dad” book and it has changed my life. The book depicted precisely my situation as a donkey (employee) pulling my employer wagon for carrots (pay checks). My efforts have taken my boss to where he wants to go and not where I want to go.  I came to realize that unless I change my paradigm, my actions, I will always be a donkey to be replaced by a younger donkey in due time. I read your book numerous times and have absorbed every word of it. The book shows me other possible routes leading me to where I want to go. I bought the Cash Flow game and started playing the game with my family. I learned to: create financial statements, cut down on our expenses, save as much as we can, and begin to invest in real estate.  We have also refinanced our house and used the funds to invest.

As we are not living in North America, I followed your lead and formed my team in Houston to help me out with the property acquisitions, managements, and other legal stuff. I created my first LLC in Texas not too long ago. The Rich Dad Group Coaching taught me the necessities of forming a B-I triangle for my business and taught me to change my mission statement of, “Making myself rich,” to “Providing well maintained and affordable rental properties for human kind.” I also decided to sign up for the Paper Assets Coaching program to learn about stocks and bonds trading.  My mutual funds, which I have put aside for retirement, have not being doing very well and I would like to actively involve and use this financial vehicle to create more cash for more real estate procurements.

Come to think about it, compared to a few years back, I feel much better now about my financial stance. We now have a steady stream of passive income coming in every month and I plan on increasing this amount gradually with time.  Instead of going home every day upset about work, complaining about my small benefits package and sitting in front of the TV, I now come home in the afternoon with energy and dive into the well of information, learn about the market, search for properties, make trades, and take care of my business.  Not only now do I see that my comfortable retirement is achievable but I can also pass my wealth to my children later on. 
Thanks Robert!


— Chau P., Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

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