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Dear Robert and Kim,

My husband and I are currently involved in the Real Estate Coaching Class.  Six years ago we moved from Texas to Puerto Rico after the death of my mother in order to support my father’s endeavors and look for a new beginning.

My husband was one of ENRON’s casualties and tried a flipping business for a couple of years.  One of the challenges we encountered was the ill advice of our partner in addition to the initial home market crash signs.  We were able to sell the properties but did not make any profits due to the holding time. We lacked the proper coaching and information to make strategy changes to instead make these passive income properties.

We took the opportunity of enrolling in the coaching class late last summer and have been working with our coach.  In addition I took the three day seminar on stock trading which we also would like to add to our group of strategies.  As we both are in the rat race we have made the commitment to change our lifestyle and get out to make our life fulfilling and enjoy what it offers us.

We have been blessed by having our coach and look forward to keep on learning from him.  Already our sessions and material have saved us from making costly mistakes in the area in which we have chosen to initiate our passive income property venture, in Texas.

This has become a family affair as we have our sons also working at some level in this venture which also teaches them that they have options.  One is a pilot and the other is an officer in the military.  Although we cannot change the past we are looking forward to the future with great optimism.  This is a commitment that involves serious time and dedication but in so many levels it has afforded my husband and me a new opportunity to reconnect and enjoy being together working towards a new goal.

We will continue to invest in our education so that we can pursue our passions, our family, travel and establishing a foundation to help dedicated youth with community service and pursuing their education. We appreciate the way in which this program and all topics have been developed.


Carlos and Maria R.

— Carlos and Maria R., Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico

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