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Dear Robert and Kim,

We would firstly like to thank you and Kim for your dedication to the education of people that have the desire and passion to increase their financial intelligence and drive to escape the ‘rat race’.

Kelly and I grew up in homes with very little entrepreneurial influence. Watching one or both of our parents working very hard for other people has certainly steered us in the direction we are taking now. I remember my dad once telling me “to find a business owned by an individual (entrepreneur) and this may present the opportunity to own it one day.”

The life we want for ourselves and our family we are starting, cannot be met in this traditional format. It is for this reason that we started in online marketing about 2 years ago and decided in mid-2013 to become business owners and start our own online company.

Through our own education we found Rich Dad Coaching and Rich Dad World. We are true believers in the important roles a Coach can play in learning and developing new skills.

Throughout Phase I we worked with our Coach in building our online network marketing business and also our business plan for our online education business for people wanting to market their business online.

Kelly and I are now proud owners of an LLC thanks to Garrett Sutton’s company, Corporate Direct, and even though we have not officially started the business, progress is being made daily.

Our goal is to provide a service of value and benefit to our members while allowing us to escape the ‘rat race’ in our personal lives. Through the generation of cash flow from the business, we plan to acquire cash flow assets to reach our goal of passive income exceeding our monthly expenses. This will allow us to protect our financial future.

Thank you again for your dedication and passion for education. Through the Rich Dad message we now see the light at the end of the tunnel and are working at bringing many along the journey with us! We look forward to our continuation of this through the Rich Dad Advisor webinar series we are participating in currently and undertaking Coaching in both paper assets and real estate investment in the near future.


P.S. We both love CashFlow 101 and 202, which we bought for ourselves this Christmas!

— Andrew and Kelly C., Australia

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