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Dearest Robert & Kim,

It all started when my husband introduced me to your book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” a couple of years ago.  The following year, having played Cashflow and Monopoly numerous times, we went out and bought our first “mistake”.  We obviously didn’t know it was a “mistake” until after we had bought it, and therefore, our journey of truly seeking knowledge begun.  We signed up for your Rich Dad Real Estate Coaching Program, got introduced to our wonderful coach, and began working on our assignments through the modules.  We were particularly interested in the creative financing modules and focused on “lease options” as a way to turn our negative cash flowing property into a positive cash flowing property.  With the helpful advice of our coach, I joined a Canadian Real Estate Investment Network where I was able to meet a mentor who specialized in creative financing. 

We are so grateful to you guys for making a difference not only in our lives but in the lives of others.  Every like-minded person we run into who invests in real estate, was also inspired by you and your book.  We have learned so much, have made so many mistakes, only to realize, that the “mistakes” is what got us to where we happily are today. 

We want to truly thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts, for simply educating us in what an asset and a liability really is….and making it fun at the same time! 

— Krystle C., Ontario, Canada

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