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Dear Robert and Kim,

My husband, Dana, and I are grateful for your business and Coaching program. Our coach is brilliant in what she does and we’ll continue contacting her on the resource line. With her help we are in the process of purchasing investment property. She encouraged us to play the Cashflow game to help us realize there’s creative financing in real estate. We were able to start a transaction to buy a house where the tenants will pay the down payment, pay the mortgage with cash flow, and purchase the property. We will continue to do this because it’s awesome to help people with challenged credit to be able to purchase a house through seller financing.

What we like the most about our Coaching program is the knowledge that was shared with us. Every week was challenging and the support was phenomenal. I love the questions that our coach had for us every week. She really pushed us, especially me, out of our comfort zone by asking, “Who could you ask to invest in a property with?” I never thought of asking anyone until she made us realize that it’s important to listen to what your potential business partners want in order to make the deal work, genius. The program allowed us to open our eyes to different ways of thinking and possibilities.

The wealth of information and support through the Coaching program is priceless. We are very happy with Rich Dad Coaching and would recommend this program to family and friends that are serious about getting out of the “Rat Race” and onto financial freedom and a creative lifestyle. Thank you and thank you again.

Best regards,

— Monica and Dana G., CA, USA

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