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Dear Robert,

Jacky H., Singapore

I consider myself one of many fans of yours.

When I accidentally bought the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book in a bookstore about 7 years ago, I was immediately drawn into it. The knowledge is so relevant and so important to real life – much more important than what school teaches. I can only apply less than 5% of what I learned in school in my workplace, but I can apply 100% of what I learned in the book in my whole life!

After that, I searched nearly all major bookstores in Singapore to snatch up Rich Dad books and Rich Dad team advisor books. Within nine months, I read about 15 books and I told myself that I must do something – even if I fail, I should do something because reading itself won't help any further. So I quit my 2nd job and went into the Real Estate Agent industry since the book talked a lot about Real Estate, so I thought the best chance for me was to have some real life experience myself.

It was a painful and short-lived learning experience, mainly because I was shy and a very lousy salesperson. But thanks to that journey, it made me realize the many things I needed to learn and improve. So I attended some personal development training programs and joined Toastmasters Club for 5 years to practice my communication and leadership skills.

I continued my financial learning mainly through your books and your team advisors' books. Today I have about 40+ of them. I learned a lot from them, and slowly applied what I learned in my real life.

I had some trials and errors in real estate investing, starting up a business, doing some paper assets, and some gold and silver investment. Through some past failures, I became more humble and hopefully a bit wiser.

I came to know the Rich Dad Coaching program through Facebook. After several days of thinking, I decided to explore further in this Coaching program, that's why I signed up. Thanks to the Coaching program, I now found many living examples that are the real people that apply Rich Dad principles and have achieved success in their respective areas. It gave me a lot of inspiration and encouragement.

The Rich Dad Coaches are the ones who walk their talk, who are experts in their own specific practices, and who are still learning and moving towards their own financial goals. They are very knowledgeable and generous in teaching, sharing, and helping others with what they know the best. At the same time, they are also the expert artists of language commanding. I'd like to especially thank my Coach for his excellent modeling and teaching. Also, thanks to my Group Coaching moderator for his grounding and facilitation, and to the Resource Line Coaches for their generous sharing of wisdom.

Overall, it is a great coaching experience and learning opportunity. Now it's time to put it into practice and get some real life results!

Many thanks to you and your whole team!! May more people be awakened by your messages and are benefited from this great coaching program.

Best Regards,

— Jacky H., Singapore

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