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Dear Robert:

Life has many paths, paths that lead to many choices. It's those choices we make that create the life we live. When you made the choice to take Rich Dad's path you created the opportunity for things to show that would have you become successful. In my life I chose to be rich but took poor dad's route as that was all I knew. Working hard, buying liabilities and expecting to become rich, wow did I receive a wake up call.

I first saw the light when I read your book so I wanted more, I signed up for your coaching program. That will be the day I will remember forever. It was easy to pay for the program even though I didn't have the available cash; I was ready to learn to think like the wealthy. At the age of 55 it will be a challenge but a challenge is what drives me; it always has.

It's now the seventh week of the program and instead of thinking about my ideas and how they would be successful I am acting on those ideas. The passion that has been missing for many years has come back. Each day I awaken with energy and passion. I also find myself looking at money in a totally different way; my money is beginning to work for me. ­ Over the last seven weeks there have been many moments that have been an "aha".

This week was the week to learn about giving, I have always been generous but never had the true means to do what I wanted to do. You have given back to the world in a way that makes a difference in the lives of people, people that only know one way, the way that was taught by their parents and friends. I commend your passion for people and making a difference in their lives.

Robert, the most important thing out of all this is that Frani and I will be creating a life that will allow us financial freedom and will be able to give back to others in a way that makes a difference.

In closing Frani and I want to say thank you for giving back and making a difference in our lives and the lives we touch.


— Herbert H., Jr., FL, USA

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