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Dear Robert and Kim,

The coaching program was one of the best investments I ever made.  I made much faster progress in the first three months than I ever did with my own attempt and my Coach was a phenomenal help!  With his assistance I went from overwhelmed and confused to being able to converse with real estate professionals intelligently – which really upped my confidence level.

One of the biggest learning achievements for me was spending the time needed to learn how to analyze deals.  That alone has made a BIG difference for me.  Also learning that there are many ways of financing deals has enlightened me as well.  My Coach's support and advice have been invaluable – especially in these topics.  He has really helped me along!

Presently I am looking for my first property to invest in.  I have a mortgage broker and an agent on my team now and I have just been pre-approved for a loan.  By next year I will have my property, I will be learning how to manage it and I will be searching for my second!

I just want to thank you for providing this service because I know it will help many people as it helped me.


— Rebeccah W., NH, USA

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