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Dear Mr. Kiyosaki,

I would like to thank you for your incredible program.  Before I had read your books I read all the others: Bach, Cummuta, Eker, Stanley, Orman, Finkle, Ramsey and more.  While they all offered good sound advice and sound reasoning, there were no insights into the actual thinking side of finance, business and money.

Your book blew my mind.  Here was a completely different way of looking at money, a functional, systematic way of looking at finances and business.  And it is so simple.  Yet so incredibly powerful and true.

And then the game.  Another wow moment.  Hands on, real life, reinforcing.  It is a family favorite.  What the program has taught my children is invaluable.

And then the coaching program.  Wow, incredible.  I can't help but wonder if Wall Street and big business, the "foundations" of our economic system, understood the simple concept of "Cash Flow" we would not be in the mess we are today.

The coaching program literally pushed me over the edge in the way I think about money, finances, and business.  By enrolling in the program I was able to solidify the change in thinking, in seeing how money, business and finances should work.  You have taken the mystery out of money, finances, and business.

My coach, is an incredible person.  Not only is he knowledgeable in the Rich Dad theories and practices, he is an incredible communicator.  He can take your ideas and put them into the "Rich Dad" format and you immediately see the difference in thinking.  He truly helped me change the way I think about money, by making me think, not telling me how to think.

My Coach also showed a great talent for personal understanding and flexibility.  At one time when I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by life in general, he changed the coaching session to an almost philosophical discussion dealing with mission statements and values, personal and business.  That was probably my most incredible session and it got me back on track.

The fact that your coaches are handpicked by you lends a huge amount of credibility to your program.  There are too many programs out there that have the names of the "Gurus" but are just repackaged programs.

I have greatly enjoyed my experience with the Rich Dad team.  I have shared the program with my children and they are already talking about their "exit strategies".

Once again, thank you so much for your insights, your program and your team.


— John W., Puerto Rico

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