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Dear Robert,

First, I’d like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn the correct way to think about money, to know the important rules of money and how to achieve financial freedom for myself and my family.

Although having read a number of your books in previous years and making important adjustments to how I think of and use my money, I had lacked the knowledge and confidence of where to begin in moving towards my financial freedom.

The coaching program has taught me how and what to think by breaking the larger subjects down and it taught me to learn about these smaller subjects one at a time, which has enabled me to actually do something.

I feel now as though I am on the right track, a track that for a while now I’ve been uncertain about. Having a coach to hold me accountable has made me fit not only my financial education into my currently busy schedule, but also the action I had put off for what seems so long.

Having a coach that takes time out of their day to make sure I am thinking, learning and doing has really made a big difference as opposed to just reading and only taking in a fraction of that information. I’ve learned the importance of having someone to hold me accountable, the important facts of finance and I am focused on what actions to take.

Thank you,

— Glen K., Australia

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