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Hello Robert, Kim, & Coach,

I started the Rich Dad Choose to Be Rich International Real Estate coaching course in September 2010 and also joined the Rich Woman community in 2011. My husband and I have been reading your books since 1999 (and Kim's) and agreed with everything you wrote, however we were stuck not knowing what to do with the information and advice.

In 2000 we started our own business taking the first step to becoming financially free; however we ended up working longer hours working for the business instead of the business working for us. I also had a go at the stock market and network marketing, not very successful! 11 years on, the business going strong and the Rich Dad coaching course under my belt we have slowly turned things around.

For the past year I have removed myself from being a key part in our business to spending my time researching the real estate market here in Australia and America. After many hours, days, weeks and months researching both countries, my husband and I made the decision to invest in real estate in America and not our own country Australia. The main decision for this is that the Australian real estate market (in my opinion) is overpriced and with America being in the state it is in, (the Aussie dollar being so strong against the US currency) there were plentiful opportunities for us to invest in the American real estate market.

Next we established a team of people to help us achieve this. Our team has been wonderful, hard working and honest and because of this we have been able to achieve the first few steps of our dream to become financially free. We will continue buying until we reach our dream, which may take 10 years. We are enjoying every step of the learning process of investing. We would never have been able (let alone in another country) to invest with such confidence if we didn't take the first step to enroll with a coach/mentor and our team of experts. Without them we would still be sitting back wishing to invest. Thank you to my Coach for your patience and honest advice. Without your support my investing journey would still be a dream and not a reality.

— Sharon G., Calwell, Australia

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