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First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Peter and I am 43 years old. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my wife and 11-year-old son. I completed my formal education (BE and Ph.D.) in electrical engineering in 2000 prior to joining a power utility in Perth and worked as an engineer for 13 years before recently retiring from my job and the profession to pursue my interest in other areas. I joined Rich Dad coaching in November 2013.

I first read your books in 2000 when I joined Amway. The books I read then included Rich Dad Poor Dad, CASHFLOW Quadrant, and Rich Dad's Guide to Investing. These books gave me a new perspective on how to achieve financial security and financial freedom. A perspective that was very different from that of my own, friends, family, relatives and work colleagues. With this new perspective, I began to seek financial education in investing and began to invest in real estate while I worked to establish my career as a highly paid competent engineer.

However, the frustrations and constraints I encountered during my working career as an employee motivated me to focus my effort outside my working hours in investing to become financially free one day.

In 2003, I set a goal to achieve financial security for my family in seven years through property investing. During the period from 2001 to 2007, I acquired six residential and four commercial properties. Leveraging from the property growth equity, I then started diversifying into paper asset investment in 2009 such as managed funds, superannuation, and a self-managed stock portfolio. Today, the cash flow from the investment properties has exceeded my family living expenses and afforded me to retire from my work to pursue interest in business/investing/personal development. I attributed my results to the ideas and knowledge I acquired from the Rich Dad's books.

I look around me and I realize I am the only one who had done this and I see a lot of people who forever rely on their job to survive. I see engineers earning high income but having no time for themselves and their family. I used to be one of them. They cling to their job and become a slave to their boss. They work so hard and sacrifice their health and well-being, but their future is always uncertain because they know if the economy turns bad their job can be taken away from them tomorrow.

I have made many mistakes and learned a lot on my investment journey. The Rich Dad Coaching program materials equipped me with more knowledge and confidence moving forward. My Coach provided me valuable guidance and encouragement as I continue the journey to achieve my life goals. I have set myself a challenge to become a successful and confident investor/business builder before I reach the retirement age.

I observed from experience that training to become an engineer is hard work, technically difficult, and is a long journey but a lot of people with average intelligence have done it. However, these same engineers find it too hard to become a successful investor and/or a business builder. There are many reasons for this of course. I find, however, the support and systems provided by the Rich Dad Coaching program certainly make it easier for someone like me to go about achieving this goal.

Thank you for your good work to help countless people improve their lives through your teaching and sharing of knowledge and experience. I am certainly one of those who has benefited from it. I appreciate how hard it is for you to persist against the established tradition/belief and I face it too when I express a view that is different from the norm.

I remain committed to financial education and reach out and help others where possible to do the same.

To your success.

Best Regards,

— Peter P., Western Australia

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