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Dear Mr. Kiyosaki,

Thank you and your wife for taking the time to read our story. My wife and I have been learning a great deal, in large part due to your programs, and now we may express our gratitude.

When I (Larry) first heard about your book Rich Dad, Poor Dad (about 2009-10), I was very dismissive of it. I had always scoffed at the people reading “self-help” books, especially books about how to make it rich. With that mentality I shrugged off your book as another scam to fool the uneducated. However, not long after that my wife (Katie) and I got pregnant with our first baby. We were in a bad place; we were both working for essentially minimum wage and paying our bills each month was a huge struggle. In desperation we agreed to try Amway/LTD with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who had been doing it for a few years.

Amway was a struggle. We wanted to believe we could make money with it and live our dreams, but there were a lot of doubts and, honestly, we did not have enough faith in the products or our selling abilities to do it well. We have put Amway aside for now, but in the few years that we were active in it our mentality and thoughts changed a great deal. We were no longer interested in being employees and working for money, we wanted to be free to live our dreams.

Last summer, I met an entrepreneur who reminded me of your first book, he encouraged me to pick it up and call him back when I finished reading it. I bought it on my e-reader and started reading it and was sucked in immediately and found myself enjoying the read and the information in it. Sadly, I must confess that I did not read it all the way through, I kept getting distracted and putting it down. I shared what I had learned with my wife and started following you on Facebook, just to see what I could find.

I was determined to continue my education and signed up for a free consultation with Rich Dad Coaching, started playing CASHFLOW online (we love this game) and joined Rich Dad World online. I finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad and read Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich.

The consultation with Rich Dad Coaching led to Katie and me agreeing to sign up for the 18 month Rich Dad Coaching program for Paper Assets. We were hesitant at first, but the experience has been phenomenal. We have learned a great deal about the markets and have been paper trading since February, Katie is itching to start trading real money, but I want to continue the course for a little bit longer first.

We have increased our financial education and we have a thirst to continue doing so. We look forward to the day when our cash flow will allow me to quit my day job and focus on our dreams. We plan to do real estate investing after we have done paper assets for a while, and eventually start our own resort business, along the way we plan on some Mission trips and finding other ways that we can give back to our community.

We would like to thank you for writing your books and seeking to further the financial education of people around the world. Although there is financial gain to what you do, we would like to believe that you do it in order to better the people of the world as well. Katie and I both look forward to continuing our education and to passing that education on to our children.

— Larry and Katie O., NM, USA

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