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Dear Robert,

Thank you for writing your first book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I first read this book up in Fort McMurray while I was working away from home at 24 days at a time. I knew I wanted something better than working for a living and a way to guide me in that direction. After reading the book I only lasted about two more weeks before quitting my job and moving back home where I could start my own business and be around more like-minded people.

I started to read all of your books I could get my hands on and others that you have recommended by other authors. I started going to courses and networking with others that were on the same path. I did all these things but I was still finding that I was not getting to where I wanted to go and the financial freedom I have been looking for.

Once I heard that Rich Dad had a coaching course, I was very excited to sign up and get working with a coach. I feel that now I have someone to hold me accountable and push me when I start to feel a little discouraged. Our coach and the support have been great for anytime we have needed it for questions we come across.

I really feel that we can get some real traction to achieving our financial goals to get out of the rat race and keep going to any level we want to accomplish. I want to thank you for what you have done in creating financial education tools that we can apply that makes good sense to us to make us rich and in general better people.

— Josh T., Canada

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