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Dear Mr. Kiyosaki,

My name is Toye and I'm a registered nurse working for University of Southern California Medical Center for the past 26 years. I have a Master's degree in the Science of Nursing.  In the 1990's I purchased your book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad because you provided me with information that helped change my perspective of money, education and business. I enjoy playing Cashflow for Kids with my 17 year-old son.

My Coaching experience with your company exceeded my expectations, and I am thankful to have this foundation before launching my start-up businesses. My Coach was the perfect Coach for my style of learning. He was very knowledgeable, supportive, gave relevant examples and listened when I needed him to listen. He was great and I'm thankful that he was selected as my Coach.

Before I stumbled upon your website, I had just hired another business. She provided very different information to us as entrepreneurs. After I began the first lesson I realized I made a smart choice to change Coaching companies. I appreciated the flow of your program. The modules, reading and homework were challenging and very helpful. I appreciate the depth of information you provided. I am also going to check out the other resources on your web site.

Each point of contact that I had with someone in your company was a pleasant experience. Thanks for helping entrepreneurs! After I launch my businesses, I am going to sign up for your real estate program.

A Satisfied Customer,

— Toye C., CA, USA

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