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Hi Kim and Robert,
    My coaching experience...well first of all I found it very challenging just from the point of view that I really have done no studying as such since the early eighties! So early on I found that even though I had obviously chosen to do the program a part of me was fighting against it because I don't like to do what other people tell me to do! But I got over that pretty quickly because at the same time I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and all things related to real estate have always greatly interested me. One of the key things in the course which really worked for me was getting my finances in order, which again, I fought against at first but that really has been hugely helpful to me and will continue to be for the rest of my life--I have not reached the point of full control over my finances yet but am headed on the right path and would never have achieved the sort of awareness and discipline regarding my personal finance had I not done this coaching program. As for everything else I was constantly amazed at how much I was learning about real estate investing. My coach was fantastic throughout the eighteen weeks and kept me focused even when at times I found myself flagging for one reason or another. My Coach is a true professional who knows her subject inside out....there was not one single question which I asked her that she did not have the answer to and not only that but a very clear concise and easy to understand explanation to go along with it. I remember one particular conversation when I was quite disheartened about not being able to find a market to invest in when she really got me motivated, again which was exactly what I needed and the following week I was on a plane to go look at properties. The coaching resource line is really an incredible resource too--so much good advice from so many smart talented individuals and always good to get a couple of different perspectives on the same topic.
     I have not bought a property yet because it really took me almost the whole eighteen weeks to figure out a clear investment strategy to suit my personal needs and finances but we finally got there and so now I am actively looking for a very specific type of property in specific area with a specific type of financing which makes it very easy now to be clear with my team and have other people doing a lot of the looking for me. Overall I really was very impressed with the structure of the whole program and it’s good to know that you guys genuinely believe in what you are doing.

— Josh F., MA, USA

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