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I get so excited when someone will give me even a few seconds to put into words the gratitude I have for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad Team. They changed my life and in doing so, changed others lives that I directly affect, including my children's lives. I started like so many others, by picking up the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. What that book did for me was opened my eyes to a world I never would've known if it weren't for Robert's willingness to share his knowledge. Once my eyes were opened, I started grabbing everything I could to learn more about this new way of thinking. I read, listened to, and watched videos of Robert, literally over and over and over again; not only because it quenched my thirst for learning, but also because I knew I had to reprogram my brain to be able to start thinking more like the right side of the quadrant. I knew my husband had to be on board with this as well, in order for it to work, so I would read to him and give him CD's to listen to on his way to work, etc. He, too, began to see and learn this new way of thinking. I will spare you a long narrative, and suffice it to say, that we went through the Real Estate Investing classes, Rich Dad Coaching, and Rich Dad Mentoring. We also played the game CashFlow 101 and applied it to our real Financial Statement, and are proud to say we reached our goal of acquiring passive income over expenses in our own personal lives. This was no easy task since our expenses and asset column looked much like the Engineer or Doctor (in the game CashFlow 101) at the BEGINNING of the game. We had LOTS of expenses and NO true assets. However, with the knowledge that the Rich Dad Team offers (which is massive), a little patience, persistence and "minding our business", we were able to achieve this in a few short years. The thing I think I love most about Rich Dad, is that usually when I learned something new, I was left desiring more knowledge, only to come up empty handed. With the Rich Dad Company, the more I thirst for knowledge, the more I find door after door after door opening up for even more knowledge. We had the honor of meeting Robert and Kim a couple of years ago at a phenomenal event called "Predict the Future". To me, they are not only mentors, but they are considered heroes in my book. They truly offer an education that is given no place else. Everything I have learned, every bit of advice I had the ability to apply from them, has had the EXACT results they said it would. Everything from how to invest in real estate (creating passive income), to investing in precious metals, to turning our business from an "S" to a "B" (CashFlow Quadrant- which also took 4-5 year to accomplish) was tried, tested and proven to be so very true. I have learned, through Rich Dad, that the sky is the limit. It's up to me how far I want to go with it. I am eternally grateful for the Rich Dad Company.

— Lisa R., TN, USA

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