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Dear Robert and Kim,

Recently in the middle of nowhere of the southern part of the African continent, something extraordinary happened to me. Being in my early 60s, an ICU nurse and Acupuncturist, in the B quadrant for more than 15 years (even owning the clinic building with monthly rental income), and a member of a very successful network marketing company, I was still "a stranded fish on the shore" regarding how to be financially independent and how to become wealthy and leave a legacy to my children, which is my inner dream! I had no idea what I was doing and how to move on. But, there they were, in the middle of Africa, Kim and Robert Kiyosaki.

First of all, my eyes were opened to understand who these people were! Secondly, my mind was opened to what they have to offer! No matter your age or business skills, Rich Dad takes you under their wings and offers this unique education program. I have not come very far yet, but what I´ve learned so far is beyond all expectations. It’s a welcoming miracle for me to get a weekly coaching call from the U.S and get coached by the best and forced to reconsider what I am doing, how I am feeling, what my goals are and how to get there. I look forward to seeing you both in Norway for the conference and I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead! Thank you.

— Kjersti O., Norway

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