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Before giving some feedback of the rich dad personal coaching I would like to give some background information of myself. My name is Philip and I'm a 20 years old business administration student from Finland and also an investor in stocks and silver. Before entering this program  I studied a lot of financial that school didn’t teach, like reading books of investment of different kind and over all increasing my financial IQ through example your books. Which I find very good!

In the beginning I felt a bit lost on what to do and where I want to be in 5-10 years, personal coaching helped me understand more and left an excellent experience in me and I’m even more determined to widen my content so that I can absorb more and work my way up to my ultimate goal which is to become financially free through building companies and investing cash in real estates and stocks.

It was an incredibly good and positive experience for me and I recommend this to all!



— Philip O., Helsinki, Finland

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