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Dear Robert,

In 2004 my brother-in-law bought me Rich Dad Poor Dad for Christmas. I thought I was jipped—I bought him a ski jacket with his name on it! My personal qualifier for books was something that was proactive or brought meaning to life, and when I saw the word "Rich" on the cover, I thought it was a get-rich-quick-theory-of-the-week. Spring of 2005, I was in Barnes and Noble looking at various books on real estate looking for the cutting edge. I noticed that Black and Gold book printed Rich Dad Poor Dad. I read half the book that night at the store and finished the rest at home with my own copy. I was mad and glad at the same time—I was one of the biggest "Liability" builders in town, and I owned a pretty cool show-house, "liability."

I made good money, had a great house, great car and in debt up to my eyeballs. I realized I missed it. I've read almost all of Robert's books to date. I have a B.S. Degree in Pre-Med and a Minor in Biblical Philosophy and have never encountered an understanding about money on this level. I did what you are told not to do, I quit my job. Between studying Robert's philosophy and having a well rounded understanding of business and real estate, I knew I could do this full time. I felt it was time to make the move.

It seems that Robert has put together the "Top Guns" of real-estate mentorship. My coach doesn't blink when I ask him seemingly hard questions about real-estate. My pastor, whom I mentor in my program, has a Rich Dad Coach of his own. He loves it! Much thanks to Robert, my coach and the whole team that has developed such a great organization.

I have put my coach on a high pedestal, appreciate his insight, and look forward to learning something new from him each week. We've talked about everything from trailer purchases to international economies—I love it. Rich Dad's Coaching program should be mimicked in every aspect of life. My hat goes off to all those that share in this organization.


— Chris G., MO, USA

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