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Dearest Robert and Kim,

As I write this, I am one day away from my final coaching call. I wanted to take a minute to write this letter to let you know just how much you’ve impacted my life with your philosophies and positivity.

Prior to reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I thought that I had all of the answers. I quickly found out that I didn’t know anything, and that no man is an island. After reading your writings, I had learned how important it is to surround yourself around successful, positive people, the history and true reason as to the current market conditions, and what I need to do to help myself and those around me. I quickly let go of my past issues and changed my attitude with your exceptional coaching programs and applying what I have been taught.

With my increase in specific knowledge and financial education, it was very apparent that the result was that only risk is what was now declining, and not my profits. I have made the decision to not work for paychecks and earned income anymore and take control of my financial health and well-being. I’ve decided to leave the rat race and look out for myself by looking out for others without cutting up my credit cards.

Although it temporarily puts me in the “S” quadrant, I’ve decided to trade options (paper assets) to raise capital for real estate transactions. Cash flow from real estate will buy precious metals to help hedge against our failed dollar and build passive income and bridge my way to the right side of the cash flow quadrant.

This change in attitude was what I was looking so intently for. Now I understand what the poor and middle class do not understand, and how the conspiracy of the rich is working against them. More importantly, I now understand what true security, and comfort is, and what it is that I must do to help myself build great wealth. This can only be achieved by disregarding what we have been taught (or not taught) about the old rules of money, and taking control of our financial future by continuing to increase our financial education. This is a lifelong process and one that I could not have achieved without your teachings.

It is people like you that make life worth living for. It is only through sharing the Rich Dad Philosophy that will help us to recover not just our great and beautiful nation, but the global communities as well.

To all of our success and choosing to be rich,
Jason C.
Rich Dad student for life

— Jason C., CA, USA

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