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Dear Rich Dad Coaching,

If I had not taken Rich Dad Coaching, I would have made some very bad property investment decisions for sure! My Coach didn't tell me what to do, he guided me on my decisions and constantly questioned my answers and thoughts making me focus in the right direction. We have so much information around us in this day and age, so many opinions and so much white-noise as such. This can make it difficult to have laser focus on what needs to be done to achieve our goals. My Coach kept me on track and even during times where I felt like I was failing or not understanding, it was great to have someone keep me on track and motivated. Some people say Coaches are for people who can't make their own decisions and I completely disagree. Nobody in the world has all the answers and there will always be someone out there that knows more than you do, that you can learn from and thus achieve your goals quicker than doing it all on your own! I am forever grateful to my Rich Dad Coach. With his support he helped me achieve a goal!


— Debbie C., South Africa

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