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Dear Robert,

My name is Michael and I am nearing the end of the first section of the Rich Dad Choose To Be Rich Coaching program. I wish to thank you thoroughly for providing this experience for myself, and others who are seeking to get out of the rat race. It has been an incredible period of learning for myself and I strongly feel that this program will change the direction of my life for the better. I'm sure in the years to come, when I'm out of the rat race, I'll be playing a round of 18 on my own course overlooking the ocean and thinking back to where it all began, with the Rich Dad Coaching program.

The first step is called "think it" and I feel as though I have completely transformed my outlook on everything from banks to money to the stock market and more, simply through the insights that you shared in this program. Perhaps my biggest lesson in this program came early with the definitions of true assets and true liabilities. [During] my final year of a Bachelor of Mining Engineering I had already planned out my actions for when I graduated. The first step was to buy a new Audi, followed by a new motorbike and then a deposit on a home. I'm sure reading this you are shuddering at this gross misuse of valuable investment capital. Needless to say, this is NOT what I am now planning to do. I will keep my old car and my old motorbike and use this spare money to invest in positively geared real estate and paper assets. These will eventually fuel my later business ventures and will propel me out of the rat race.

I wish you and your team all the best for the future and would again like to emphasize my gratitude to yourself and your team, especially my coach, for the great services provided.

Thank You,

— Michael E., Australia

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