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Dear Robert,

I came to Rich Dad community because I was working full time and found that I did not have any time to pursue my personal interest and goals. I am also in a lot of debt and wanted to find a way out for paying off my debts and to achieve financial freedom. I felt I needed coaching because I had quite a lot of information already but was very ineffective at carrying out actions and seeing things through. I had tried other programs before and this was always my problem that I tended to give up. I thought using a coach would give me the direction and momentum I needed to see my projects through and to start on the road towards achieving financial freedom.

The Rich Dad Coaching program I took part in was very good for motivation, sharing and getting ideas and feedback from a coach and other participants. It also explained a lot of the financial ideas such as the BI triangle that I was not familiar with. I have also learned the importance of cash flow and I was encouraged to play the CASHFLOW game to practice my skills and to start a savings plan using the three piggy banks.

I now feel I can push forward in my next step towards achieving financial freedom and accomplishing my dreams. I am taking small steps but it all helps towards my dream to quit work and create a successful business. I have completed a personal financial action plan and set some goals and targets. I would not have done these things had I not taken part in the coaching program.

Many thanks for writing the book, helping in my financial education and getting me started on the road to financial freedom.

— Zindy M., Kent, UK

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