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Dear Mr. Kiyosaki,
I have never been a person of any sort of wealth. I was born and raised in the poorest city in the US. I cannot forget the times when I had nothing and desired everything. At that time, there was no guidance to help me. No one knew anything about finances and no one seemed to want to know. I could not find financial help anywhere. I am now a member of military service and I use every bit of capitol I have in order to make more money. From reading all of the Rich Dad books, to investing in penny stocks, I always tried to graduate to the next higher level of finance.

While serving overseas, I received an email from Rich Dad about the Rich Dad Coaching program. I felt like this was just exactly what I needed in order to gain more financial knowledge and have someone guide me in the right direction. The Rich Dad Coaching program took me from being the poorest of the poor and put me right into the hands of rich and financially intelligent coaches. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the guidance. I am currently in the process of starting a real estate LLC with a property in the works. I am looking at some franchises that prove to be good investments. I am expanding my stock option portfolio and, I'm trying to buy into a restaurant company. This would not have been possible if it where not for not for the Rich Dad Coaching program.  

— Terrance W., TX, USA

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