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I picked up your book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in August last year. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was exactly what I was looking for at this mid-point in my life journey (I was 47 years old at the time). A number of experiences had led me to be ready to receive all you had to say. In particular, I had come to a desperate longing to be free from the rat race and to provide a way for my three young sons (10, 9, and 7) to become financially literate and independently free in their adulthood. Your vision provided the path.

So, I quickly contacted Rich Dad Coaching through your web site and I’m thankful, though I must say I was a bit surprised, I was selected to participate. I can say honestly that I now stand in what I’m sure is a long line of folks whose lives have been deeply and forever changed by your vision to create financial literacy and well-being for the world. And though you and I have never met, and likely never will, I will forever be grateful for your life experiences and commitments that have set many, now including me, on a path to financial freedom and generosity.

So much has changed. Most importantly, my way of thinking about the world and money is completely different. I play the CashFlow game (E-version) regularly, and now my boys want to be with me when I do. So I have made it a goal to play the game with them at least once a month. And I’ve purchased for them and taught them to play the CashFlow for Kids game as well. I have opened a Family Investment Bank for them (created on my personal computer) and am now teaching them literally and practically how to invest and the amazing benefits of passive income. They now know the great difference between working for money and money working for them. And they love it. They regularly tell me about different businesses they plan to start and two of them have started making their own business cards already.

It’s very difficult to express in mere words the impact my Coach has had upon me as I’ve ventured into this journey. His practical wisdom, enthusiastic support and timely, specific affirmation when appropriate, has been so inspiring, educational, and helpful. He has been a true guide whom I have quickly come to trust and who has demonstrated what feels like a genuine concern for my financial well-being and progress. I realize that this is an important coaching practice, but my Coach does it in a way that makes it seem very real, and it may very well be. Regardless, it works for me. I feel inspired every week and enjoy regularly telling my wife about how great our calls are and how motivated I am to take the next risky step in my development, my businesses and investment strategies. I feel, in some important ways, like a different person. And I’m so grateful to you, Robert, and to the best coach I could have been paired with.

Thank you feels impossibly insufficient to express my gratitude.

— Keith Z., KY, USA

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