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I wanted to say special thanks for your coaching sessions. I feel enriched by the interaction, by the process, and the material. I looked forward to your calls and the great optimism and encouragement you provided. The goal is to actually use the material and the processes to be successful. I can honestly say I have prospered from the coaching. I not only understand the theory but have practical tools I've used to purchase profitable properties.

Since I've started coaching I have been involved with 4 properties. Through the scheduled meetings with my coach we reviewed all the above properties. The coverage included flips, partnership, attracting and meeting with lease option candidates, foreclosures, local investment groups, offers to purchase and financials to mention a few topics. During the same time we also looked at multifamily units and commercial property. The coaching meetings and material associated with the Rich Dad program allow for the theory to become practical. The coaching program is an invaluable tool you can use to make the paperwork turn into cash.

I can't thank you enough for your time. I realize it is second nature for you now, but your coaching has created the conceptual building blocks for me as well. I will be going forward with property investing, feeling confident in my investments. I trust the coaching and know it will bring prosperity.  Thanks again.

— George F., SK., CA

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