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I feel like I’ve finished the first class of (Real Estate) Language 101! My head is still swimming but I now know which way is up, and my coach has kept me from drowning. I’ve learned so much, and my coach’s enthusiasm and confidence have been and will continue to be an inspiration to me, as I will continue to call the coaching support line. I always feel so empowered after our coaching calls.

Though my cash flow is currently tight and stressful due to the cost of the classes and coaching, I have confidence that as my financial I.Q. continues to improve, I will create passive income that will dwarf that investment, revealing it as one of the best investments of my life.   I am so impressed with the education offered by Rich Dad coaching! I am confident all I need to know is available through Rich Dad coaching, and the intellectual and emotional support and mentorship has been far beyond my expectations.  I have participated in a so-called “real estate mentorship” before, and felt scammed –it was a total waste of money. Rich Dad coaching is the total opposite of my previous experience.  Their coaches truly care about my success, and have the tools and patience to teach me this new way of being in relationship with money.  Thank you, Rich Dad coaching, for pointing the way and providing the tools!

— Cheri P., CA, USA

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