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Dear Robert and Kim:

Thank you so much from both me and my son for the opportunity to develop my financial literacy! Here I am at age 50 beginning the journey that should start when one is a young child. Prior to reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I hadn't really thought about the importance of financial education and the potential impact that it has on one's life. However, what really propelled me to take the Stock Success System course and then the Rich Dad program was having a child a few years ago. In order to provide him with the financial education that I'd like to see him have, I decided that I needed to be able to "walk the walk" not just "talk the talk". If I am to teach him well, then I need to be an active learner myself. As well, I wish to spend lots of quality time with him and have the freedom to schedule my time as I see fit, and not be tied to someone else's time table.

I am on my way to financial freedom. What I love about the Rich Dad programs and materials is that they are not designed for the already rich or already literate person. The stuff you have feels like "I can do it" and maybe even more important than that is the feeling of trust that I have in your company. Instead of feeling like you want to make a buck, I really do feel like you want me to succeed. It was that feeling of trust that made me choose Rich Dad instead of some other system. I feel like my personal values and philosophy are supported by the Rich Dad philosophy.

I feel like I have developed a solid foundation of financial literacy during this first phase of the program. Without having any real previous knowledge, I am very pleased that I have been able to make such progress so fast. The one-on-one support was exactly what I needed to get the background to get my launch to financial freedom underway.


— Jennifer B., MI, USA

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