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Gerta T., Estonia, Europe

When I first read your book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, it was like a ray of light in my life. It allowed me to open my eyes to different ways of thinking and possibilities. And, I wanted more. I wanted to use my knowledge of finance to reach a better life, to get out of the Rat Race, and to be financially secure. I believe that dream has come true!

One day I saw an ad while on the Internet and it was an invitation to a Coaching Program. I signed up for your Coaching Program immediately. I am happy that I did. It has become a very important part of my life, and it has kept me committed and focused on my goals and achieving financial success.

Thank you for building a company that has helped so many people achieve their goals and build better futures. I would like to personally thank my coach. He has been a great inspiration and motivation through this process. Each week he has pointed me in the right direction, inspired me to overcome my weaknesses and conquer my goals. Thank you for the priceless education you have provided! It was an incredible experience and I recommend this to everybody.

— Gerta T., Estonia, Europe

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