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Dear Robert & Kim:

Financial freedom is closer than you think. 

Each time I hear that phrase on the real estate and tax coaching cds, I remember why I’m doing this.  It’s hard work and I have to push myself outside of my comfort zone, but not only am I getting closer to that dream/goal of financial freedom, I’m growing as a person as well.

 My wife and I just finished the first coaching phase of your program, and our learning has definitely been accelerated by the coaching program.  I still struggle to shake off bad habits and ideas that have been ingrained into me over a lifetime, but as I recognize them I feel now that the tools are there to overcome and change them.

Now, I see business opportunities where I hadn’t before.  I am learning how to recognize a good team member from one who is not an asset to the team.

At one point, we put in an offer on a bank owned condo, which was accepted.  During our due diligence, the inspection turned up some potentially serious structural problems, and we were able to avoid a potentially costly mistake: all thanks to our increased education.

The resource line has been a very helpful and even encouraging tool as we search and analyze potential deals.

We are continuing to search, continuing to build and refine our team, and continuing to learn, because “financial freedom is closer than you think”.

— Kent T., UT, USA

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