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Dear Robert and Kim,    

I would like to start off by saying thank you, for allowing my wife and I the opportunity to write you this letter and motivating us into action in creating a better future for us and our family.

I would like to begin with a bit of history, of how we came to learn about you, your books and teaching program. My wife Donna and I have started several small home based businesses, which have all met with failure and we attribute that to the lack of knowledge.

We enrolled in your coaching class, which the timing of that was perfect, because I just started up my very first B sector business with employees and an investment partner. We have played cash flow several times (but according to our coach not enough) which we need to correct. And we have stopped buying doodads and started buying assets.

So as you can see we have had a busy year, it has been so much fun and brought us so much hope for the future. We have had some very tense moments and times of doubt but our coach has been such a great encouragement and inspiration to us. We hope one day we get to meet her and shake her hand and say thank you to her personally. We also hope one day we get to meet you, Robert, and your wife Kim and personally thank you and your team members for the great coaching system you have set up. Your books and game have given us a whole new outlook on life and changed our context. We now have hope in the future.

— Bob and Donna M., British Columbia, Canada

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