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“The reason why we entered the coaching program was that we understood that amateurs do not have coaches, professionals do. Our coach also understood our passion for the Rich Dad material and turned up the heat, holding us to the highest expectations. That is exactly what we needed and wished for.

Through the Rich Dad’s Coaching Program we have increased our financial education, created weekly financial meetings with our companies, wrote and implemented a Plan to Be Secure for each company and our personal PBS, expanded our team, hired a personal book keeper, created 1 and 5 year goals, built our paper asset plan of action, had our context expanded, grown together as husband and wife and got very clear on where we wanted to go in life. What a great program and our coach was there to help us expand every step of the way.

The mission of Rich Dad has forever changed our lives and we want you to know that you guys are awesome!!! Thank you for your vision, dreams, sacrifices, dedication to the mission and building a company that truly has such a positive effect on humanity.”

— Joshua and Lisa L., UT, USA

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