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My name is Ryan.  I’m 33 years old, married to my beautiful wife Desiree, and we have two wonderful young boys, Boston who is 8 and Baylor who is about to turn 6. I grew up in farming community in a small town in Colorado with a population of 500 people.  My father left when I was 2 years old, leaving my mother to raise 3 boys all on her own.  It was hard growing up, with a very limited income and no father to share his wisdom.  My mother had to work two jobs just to keep a roof over our head and food on the table.  Although it was tough, I learned incredible work ethics and responsibility that have defined me as the man I am today.  With my father out of the picture and my mother not around I was forced to grow up much quicker than most boys.  School never came easy for me and I found myself in trouble quite a bit.   The biggest thing I learned was how to manipulate people into doing things for me.   I’m not proud of this but I did learn street smarts that have proven to be very successful for me.

After graduating high school I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.   I always enjoyed working in the garage on motorcycles and cars with my grandfather, so I decided to enroll in technical school and learn how to work on cars.  I graduated from technical school with an associate’s degree and soon found a job as an apprentice technician for one of the Toyota Dealers in Denver.  With a lot of hard work and dedication I moved up the ladder very quickly.  At the age of 24 I became 1 of 4 team leaders and managed other people to develop their careers.  Currently, I work for the same Toyota dealership now called Mountain States Toyota which is one of the best dealerships in the country and I am now the one who many look up to for advice and direction. I‘ve been very successful in the field throughout the past 13 years but I recently realized that this line of work only gets more difficult the older your get.  Over the years the physical toll this business has put on my body has slowed me down considerably.  In my line of work the slower you are the less money you make.  Knowing this for years now I have tried several different ways to make money.  I know now that I don’t want to work for someone for the rest of my life.  I want to be in control of my own life and create my own wealth although I was clueless on how to make that happen.  I’ve gotten involved in real estate over the years and have done a couple of fix and flip properties that have turned a decent profit.  I enjoyed doing this but with declining property values and an unstable real estate market I took a break from doing so until the market stabilized to ensure a profit.

One day I heard an ad on the radio and it was an invitation to come to a Rich Dad seminar here in Colorado.  I read the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book a few years earlier,  which by the way was the first book I have ever read and I decided to go and at least check it out.  I liked it so much I decide to attend the 3 day stock trading work shop that was held in downtown Denver.  Over the course of those 3 days I learned so much and realized that this was it. This was going to change my life forever.  I decide to purchase the advance training courses and began a new journey in my life. I knew it was going to be tough for me to balance my time with my family, continue to work my full time job and dedicate myself to this program but what I lack in knowledge I definitely make up in dedication.

It is coming up on three months since I’ve started this program and I still have the same desire and motivation as I did in the beginning.  All the instructors and coaches have been amazing. They are extremely helpful and know how to teach the curriculum in a way that even I can understand.  I think you have done an incredible job in selecting the people who work for you.  Although I have much more to learn before I can become a successful trader, I have developed leap and bounds from where I started and I have you and those that work for you to thank.  Hopefully the next time I’m writing you I will be saying thank you for changing my life and giving people like me an opportunity to become truly successful and financially free.

— Ryan B., CO, USA

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