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Included in Your Blueprint:

  • Instant access: Rich Dad Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint
  • 7 modules led by Robert's personally trained Real Estate Experts including:
    • Module 1: Think Like The RICH
    • Module 2: Taking Control of Your CASHFLOW
    • Module 3: Making Time for SUCCESS
    • Module 4: Identifying Your TARGET MARKET
    • Module 5: Finding Properties that CASHFLOW
    • Module 6: Showing YOU the MONEY
    • Module 7: Doing your FIRST DEAL

Bonus Section

  • Bonus 1: Real Estate Riches Profile
  • Bonus 2: CASHFLOW Toolkit
  • Bonus 3: 7 "Insider Secrets"
    • SECRET 1: "I Didn't Know You Could Do That!? Powerful and Proven Offer Techniques"
    • SECRET 2: "Using OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, Profiting with Partners"
    • SECRET 3: "Skyrocket Your CASHFLOW, with Foreclosures and “Fixer-Uppers”"
    • SECRET 4: "You Make Money When You BUY; Now It's Time to SELL"
    • SECRET 5: "PAINLESS and PROFITABLE Property Management"
    • SECRET 6: "Robert Doesn't Pay Taxes, Why Should You!?" Real Estate Tax Advantages
    • SECRET 7: "Building Your Personal Team of Advisors" You're Successful, Keep It Going

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Rich Dad Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade

Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint


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Get INSTANT ACCESS to Robert's comprehensive step-by-step PROFIT PRODUCING system. Each module is led by one of Robert's personally trained & certified Real Estate Experts. This proven program works even if you have little or none of your own money to invest and no experience... and you can get started in your spare time!

No Time - No Money - No Credit - No Experience - NO PROBLEM!

Rich Dad Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade
Bonus #1

Your Personal “Riches” Profile



What type of real estate investor are you? Are you more like Robert, Kim, Sam Zell, Barbara Corcoran or even Donald Trump!? Your Real Estate “Riches” Profile utilizes the world-renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to allow you to see how you “stack-up” against the world’s wealthiest real estate investors and will help you negotiate deals like the pros!

Rich Dad Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade
Bonus #2

Robert’s Contracts and Forms Toolkit



These time-tested, professional contracts and forms are everything you need to execute your first or next deal with confidence, maximize your CASHFLOW AND increase your profits! This Portfolio includes over 50 contracts and templates like:

  • Property CASHFLOW analysis forms
  • Property Rehab analysis forms
  • Lease Option contracts
  • Purchase contracts
  • Sale contracts and much, much more!
Rich Dad Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade
Bonus #3




In these 7 BONUS sessions, Robert’s personally trained experts will reveal the insider secrets of how to accelerate your cash flow and truly “scale” your wealth in a repeatable, predictable way. These “SECRETS” include sessions on:

  • Skyrocketing your cash flow with foreclosures and fixer-uppers.
  • Painless and Profitable property management.
  • How to build your own personal team of advisors at no cost to you.
  • How to leverage the secret tax advantages the rich have known about for decades. After all, Robert doesn’t pay taxes... why should you!
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“The Rich Dad program materials equipped me with more knowledge and confidence moving forward. So confident, that I bought a 7-unit commercial building in Saint John, New Brunswick.”

— Gary G., Ontario, Canada

“I always knew there was something better deep down inside of me. I didn't know what that was until now. This program has truly helped me find the person I know I am capable of being. Confidence does come from knowledge.”

— Kodi D., Wyoming, USA

“I am on my way to financial freedom. Without having any real previous knowledge, I am very pleased that I have been able to make such progress so fast.”

— Jennifer B., MI, USA

“We would be nowhere without the program from Rich Dad. We are extremely pleased with the program you have provided for us. When we first embarked on this adventure, we thought we would learn about real estate investing and be on our way. What we got was much, much more. ”

— Tim & Angela R., California, USA

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As a "CASHFLOW" VIP, you will also get 3 months UNLIMITED LIVE ACCESS to Robert's personally trained Real Estate Experts. Just one conversation with Robert's experts could make or save you thousands of dollars!