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Last amended: May 1, 2020

Rich Dad World is committed to your success.

We believe that if you apply the information contained in the Real Estate Personal Coaching program, your LIVE Sessions with Robert’s Real Estate Experts, and in your Personal Coaching sessions, you can become a success. If you complete the requirements as outlined below and have not completed at least one real estate transaction—then, upon your request, we will extend your access to the Rich Dad Coaches for an additional 6 months at no additional charge.

Rich Dad’s Real Estate Personal Coaching program is an education and training program designed to assist you in applying Rich Dad’s real estate investment strategies. The effectiveness of Rich Dad Coaching is dependent upon your commitment to follow the Real Estate Personal Coaching program and apply the proven techniques with the help of the Rich Dad Coaches.

The Rich Dad Coaching guarantee only applies to active customers in good standing and who have no outstanding obligation to Rich Dad World, Rich Dad Coaching, or Rich Dad.

To be eligible for a no-charge 6-month Resource Line extension, a customer must have completed the following activities listed below during the active Coaching-access period the customer has to the Real Estate Personal Coaching program and the Rich Dad Coaches1.

A customer must:

  • Schedule and attend all Real Estate CASHFLOW Blueprint LIVE Sessions.
  • Complete and submit all the worksheets contained in the Real Estate Personal Coaching program.
  • Schedule and attend all Real Estate Personal Coaching Sessions.
  • Complete all coursework and activities assigned by a Rich Dad Coach .
  • Submit proof of two accepted or rejected real estate offers to the Rich Dad Coaching staff each month for the remainder of the customer’s Rich Dad Coaching access after the customer’s first Real Estate Personal Coaching session.

If for any reason you experience any service challenges, please call Customer Service at 1-888-733-2391, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern Time, and allow us to address your concerns immediately. We are committed to your long–term success and look forward to serving you.

1Coaching access starts at the customer’s date of purchase of Rich Dad Coaching.