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Choose to BE RICH System with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade

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Rich Dad's Choose to BE RICH System gives you access to everything you need to take control of your financial future. It includes instant access to: Robert’s powerful time-tested strategies, 8 in-depth learning modules, Robert’s QUICKSTART Guide, the You Can BE RICH personalized profile, and 6 FREE LIVE Coaching Mastermind Sessions! This proven system is about more than just information, we will actually help you implement what you learn into your daily life so you can make incredible change. Sign up today with a special offer that not only saves you money, but includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. What are you waiting for – it’s risk free!


100% Money Back Guarantee - Risk Free

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Included in Your Program:

  • Instant access: Choose to BE RICH System
  • 8 modules led by Robert's personally trained coaches including:
    • Module 1: Think Like The RICH
    • Module 2: Getting on the Right Side of the Quadrant
    • Module 3: Taking Control of Your CASHFLOW
    • Module 4: Rich Dad’s Wealth Building Strategies
    • Module 5: Developing Your Plan to Become Rich
    • Module 6: Choose Your Investment Vehicle and Strategy
    • Module 7: Minding Your Business
    • Module 8: Giving Back

Bonus Section

  • Bonus 1: LIVE Mastermind Coaching Sessions
  • Bonus 2: Robert’s QUICKSTART Guide
  • Bonus 3: Your Personal “BE RICH” Profile
    • SECRET 1: "I Didn't Know You Could Do That!? Powerful and Proven Offer Techniques"
    • SECRET 2: "Using OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, Profiting with Partners"
    • SECRET 3: "Skyrocket Your CASHFLOW, with Foreclosures and “Fixer-Uppers”"
    • SECRET 4: "You Make Money When You BUY; Now It's Time to SELL"
    • SECRET 5: "PAINLESS and PROFITABLE Property Management"
    • SECRET 6: "Robert Doesn't Pay Taxes, Why Should You!?" Real Estate Tax Advantages
    • SECRET 7: "Building Your Personal Team of Advisors" You're Successful, Keep It Going

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Instant access. No subscription. No additional fees.

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Everything You Need to Achieve Financial Freedom
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Choose to BE RICH System with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade

Rich Dad's Choose
to BE RICH System


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Get INSTANT ACCESS to Rich Dad’s Comprehensive step-by-step Choose to Be Rich System! Take the logical next step to secure your financial future. Quickly learn exactly how to think like the rich and then do what the rich do to achieve financial independence. Financial freedom is a choice within your reach. Get the secrets and shortcuts the rich know and use. The next best thing to having your own rich dad!

Get Out of the Rat Race Once and For All!

Choose to BE RICH System with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade
Bonus #1

LIVE Mastermind Coaching Sessions



Don’t go it alone! Your Choose to Be Rich System includes FREE LIVE Mastermind Sessions led by Robert’s certified Rich Dad coaches. You’ll achieve success and wealth – faster! Not only do you get live sessions, but if you are unable to attend, the Rich Dad team will send you a recording at no additional cost. While other programs charge $2,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 for live access to experts and coaches – these 6 Mastermind Coaching Sessions are included FREE!

Choose to BE RICH System with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade
Bonus #2




Choose your personal path to wealth with Robert’s quickstart guide. The Choose to Be Rich System will completely change the way you think about money and finances. Then as an added bonus, you’ll get 3 additional QuickStart modules which will give you insight into the most popular and lucrative forms of investing: Real Estate, Paper Assets, and being an Entrepreneur.

  • Property CASHFLOW analysis forms
  • Property Rehab analysis forms
  • Lease Option contracts
  • Purchase contracts
  • Sale contracts and much, much more!
Choose to BE RICH System with FREE LIVE Sessions Upgrade
Bonus #3

Your Personal
"BE RICH" Profile



What type of investor are you? Are you more like Robert & Kim, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson? Your Personal “BE RICH” Profile utilizes the world-renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to allow you to see how you “stack-up” against the world’s wealthiest investors and entrepreneurs and will help you negotiate deals like the pros!

  • Skyrocketing your cash flow with foreclosures and fixer-uppers.
  • Painless and Profitable property management.
  • How to build your own personal team of advisors at no cost to you.
  • How to leverage the secret tax advantages the rich have known about for decades. After all, Robert doesn’t pay taxes... why should you!
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“The information in the course is priceless, I've never been so wowed by information ever, it's practical, it makes sense, it's fantastic.”

— Joseph C., Australia

“I want to encourage anybody who is contemplating working with the Rich Dad organization, don't hesitate, really invest in yourself. You couldn't spend better money or time or energy.”

— Glenda V., South Africa

“I have truly begun my lifelong journey toward thinking like the rich, protecting myself and family like the rich do, and investing like them too.”

— Brian & Kristine B., FL, USA

“I want to thank you for what you have done in creating financial education tools that we can apply that makes good sense to us to make us rich and in general better people.”

— Josh T., Canada

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As a "CASHFLOW" VIP, you will also get 3 months UNLIMITED LIVE ACCESS to Robert's personally trained Real Estate Experts. Just one conversation with Robert's experts could make or save you thousands of dollars!