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Rich Dad’s New Survival Plan Rich Dad’s New Survival Plan Rich Dad’s New Survival Plan



Many people are paying attention to the wrong things. Don’t make the same mistakes!

Instead, Join Rich Dad Co-Founders Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and their special guest, Peter Schiff, for a very timely and critical look at the dangers – as well as the incredible opportunities – in the current market.

Come ready to learn, because we are going to share some specific strategies and ideas to help you be successful right away!

This can be an incredible time for people who are trying to take control of their financial future… if you get prepared!

Get Rich Dad’s NEW Survival Plan – 100% FREE!

Bonus pdf

FREE Instant Registration Bonus: Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing with Other People’s Money.  The secret top investors know – you can do more with less – when you learn to leverage good debt and OPM. This guide highlights 6 different types of OPM available to you.

Extra Bonus this month: All attendees this month will get a bonus segment with Robert sharing the #1 reason he makes so much money. This is a lesson that should motivate and encourage you about what is truly possible.

During this exclusive event, you will learn:

  • Why owning cash producing assets is more important now – than ever
  • Opportunities the average person can take advantage of now
  • One Big Investing Tip everyone should consider
  • Why your retirement plan may be in BIG trouble
  • The types of companies you should invest in… and which to avoid
  • Why the Baby Boomer generation must change their strategy – and FAST
  • What is the Great Wealth Illusion – and what it means to you

Everyone who attends this strategy session will get FREE access to Robert’s Cash Flow Creating Implementation Guide!


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Your Registration Also Includes:

- Robert’s FREE Cash Flow Companion Guide
- Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing with Other People’s Money
- Bonus Segment – The #1 Reason Robert Makes so Much Money

Just for registering, you'll also receive immediate access to the Rich Dad World PowerPack.

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Event Speakers

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Kim Kiyosaki Peter Schiff