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The Fire Sale is Coming The Fire Sale is Coming The Fire Sale is Coming


It’s no secret that Robert has made a lot of money during and after market crashes.

This is important, because he says the time is coming again.

You can’t ignore the signs that we are headed toward a recession.

The best time to buy assets and make investments is when the price is low.

And for that reason, Robert’s favorite four-letter word is SALE!

Based on his research, he says a big fire sale is coming.

The worst thing you can do? Keep your head in the sand or be too passive and miss it.

The best thing you can do? Get prepared for what could be a HUGE opportunity to create wealth.

Join Robert Kiyosaki and his special guest, George Gammon, as they’ll tell you what they expect to happen, what they are personally doing to prepare, and why they think an incredible time is ahead if you are ready.

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FREE Instant Registration Bonus: Rich Dad's Guide, 5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Returns Skyrocket! This valuable guide features 5 simple rules to help you find incredible success as a real estate investor. These are the same principles Robert Kiyosaki uses today!

Extra Bonus this month: This month every attendee gets a bonus session - 4 Truths that Smart Investors Must Know. In this ever-changing economy, many investors are following outdated advice and missing some very important truths. Learn what you must know!

During this Exclusive Event, You'll Learn:

  • What Robert calls the biggest opportunity in history
  • 3 Investing Rules that will help you beat 99% of all investors
  • Evidence a recession is coming – and what you should do
  • What you can learn from Bezos, Musk, and Zuckerberg
  • A simple rule for investing – what to buy and what not to
  • How Robert got rich from prior recessions – and you can too

Everyone who attends this strategy session will get FREE access to Robert’s Cash Flow Creating Implementation Guide!


Your Registration Also Includes:

- Free Download: 5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Returns Skyrocket
- Bonus Segment: 4 Truths that Smart Investors Must Know
- Robert's FREE Cash Flow Companion Guide

Just for registering, you'll also receive immediate access to the Rich Dad World PowerPack.

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Event Speakers

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad George Gammon