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Rich Dad's Success Summit
Rich Dad's Success Summit

Join 11 of the Smartest Investors on the Planet

Sharing their Best Wealth Building Strategies

One thing Robert Kiyosaki learned from his Rich Dad was that he didn't need to be the smartest person in the room.

Fact: You'll make more money when you surround yourself with experts.

Robert credits the reason he has had so much financial success to two things:

One – He is always learning.

Two – He is fortunate to know some of the smartest investors on the planet.

Now, we are giving you access to learn from the same people Robert does.

Enjoy this online summit as our experts will reveal how to get rich in this economy!

Event Speakers:

Robert Kiyosaki Kim Kiyosaki Ken McElroy George Gammon Dr. Nomi Prins Tom Wheelwright Gerald Celente Robert Helms Raoul Pal Mark Moss Chris Steele

Free Bonus #1: Get Rich Dad's guide, 9 Secrets to Boosting Your Personal Wealth for FREE! You've heard of the concept of working smarter – not harder? This is how you do it. Start with 9 of Robert Kiyosaki's most powerful wealth building secrets!

Free Bonus #2: All attendees get access to an exclusive segment, Billionaire's Secrets to Real Estate Success. A Rich Dad Expert will show you how experienced investors are creating success in this economy. This is a proven strategy you can use over and over again.

Free Bonus #3 (Robert's New Book): The latest from Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki - for FREE! Discover why more millionaires are made through real estate investing than any other form of investing – and see how they do it! Rich Dad's Real Estate Cash Flow is over 200 pages!

During this exclusive event you will learn:

  • The greatest investment strategy of all
  • How to take your first step as an investor
  • What NOT to do with your money
  • The opportunity most people miss
  • A great strategy to help you retire early
  • Robert's simple rule for investing success