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The PROVEN Wealth Formula You’re Not Using
The PROVEN Wealth Formula You’re Not Using

Robert Reveals His Proven Strategies

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Years ago, when Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, it was rejected over and over, and he ended up self-publishing. Then – it became the #1 Personal Finance Book of All Time!

Well, something wild is happening again.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is surging again and finished 2023 with huge sales. In fact, recently it was back as one of the top selling books on Amazon.

And if that wasn’t enough – our monthly online events set a record with over 500,000 registrants last year. Seriously, more than half a million!

Why? People are looking for better strategies and we believe the Rich Dad message is more important now than ever.

Join us for Robert’s all-new online event and he’ll share the Proven Wealth Formula you’re not using… but should be.

Event Speakers:

Robert Kiyosaki Kim Kiyosaki Tom Wheelwright

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Instant access to 7 Winning Strategies Used by Top Real Estate Investing Experts for FREE! Whether you are looking to do your first – or your next – deal, start by using these proven strategies that Robert Kiyosaki has found to be most helpful in his investing career.

Bonus Segment:

All attendees get an exclusive segment called Your Secret Weapon for Wealth. Rich Dad’s Tax and Wealth Expert will teach you a lesson you can use to accelerate your journey out of the rat race.

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All attendees get a Free Video Training - Top Cash Flow Strategies for 2024. Discover creative strategies you can use to create cash flow during this unique economy. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a Rich Dad Coach – for FREE!

During our wealth-training event you will learn:

  • Strategies you can use to crack the wealth code
  • A smart money move you can make over and over
  • What the rich do to multiply their money
  • How to use debt and taxes to get rich
  • A $10 Trillion Dollar Decision that is coming
  • Investing ideas you’ve never thought about